If you are a researcher, student, scientific tourist or volunteer we welcome you to volunteer with Madaworks either in Madagascar, based at Centre ValBio, or the US.

By volunteering with us you will gain cross-cultural competencies through engagement at a local grassroots level and have a positive impact for the communities in the Ranomafana region. Please contact us to share your ideas for a project.

Some ideas:

  • Develop a Saturday conservation awareness program for young people about the nearby forest’s biodiversity.
  • Document and study the effects of sustainable artisan entrepreneurship and its effect on the community and the environment (studying the women’s weaving collectives). This could relate to how this impacts sustainability and conservation of resources and is a part of inclusive economics.
  • You could study the importance of the preservation of traditional culture and how it affects the society.
  • You could document with field studies and observation harvesting methods, particularly the harvesting of wild silk, which are using innovative farming techniques to reforest the land while creating a micro economy.

One has to look at conservation as an entity and the stewards of the land and forests have to be engaged with that resource in order to want to protect it. Benefit the community at large and you benefit the larger community.