• Diane Powers
    Diane Powers Founder & Board of Directors

    Is an artist and mother with a background that spans the fields of education, production, arts marketing, consulting, outreach, art history and event planning and she is an ardent amateur conservationist. She recently worked in Madagascar and became inspired to help support the traditional women’s artisan collectives, preserve the biodiversity and educate girls.

  • Dr. Patricia Wright
    Dr. Patricia Wright President & Co-Founder

    Has a proven track record of getting things done in Madagascar. She established the 100,000 plus- acre Ranomafana National Park. She discovered a new species of lemur (golden bamboo lemur). She built Centre ValBio (CVB). Over the last 30 years she has worked tirelessly to provide education, healthcare, reforestation and environmental arts programs for the surrounding villagers.

  • Kristin Rasmussen
    Kristin Rasmussen Secretary & Co-Founder

    Is a marine biologist who focuses on studying Humpback Whales globally. Although her field site is in Panama, she attended a whale conference in Madagascar and fell in love with the county and the people. Fascinated by the work they create and wanting to help support them, she volunteered to help found Madaworks. She is also a co-founder of the non-profit, Panacetacea.

  • Amanda Poston
    Amanda Poston Treasurer & Board of Directors

    Works on the Reduced Emissions from Deforestation and forest Degradation project in the Democratic Republic of the Congo, for the Woods Hole Research Center. Having spent much of her childhood in Madagascar she feels a strong connection to the Malagasy people. She feels that the opportunities that Madaworks will give women will not only better their life prospects but will give them the tools they need to help better the future of their communities.

  • Prisca Oliva Andriambinintsoa
    Prisca Oliva Andriambinintsoa Board of Directors

    Prisca is a senior member of the Centre ValBio staff, serving as chief Administrator and Human Resources. Since the beginning of Madaworks, she has volunteered her time to help us with overseeing the accounting and distribution of funds. She is also an important part of our Scholarship Committee, helping to evaluate candidates for the scholarship award.

    Today, as she is now a part of the Madaworks board, she has the ability to contribute more to changing the future for the rural girls and women in Madagascar. Her input and assessments are invaluable. We are proud and honored to have Prisca on our board of directors.

  • Trudy Calabrese
    Trudy Calabrese Board of Directors

    Is President of Tuck Calabrese Associates, a consulting, fund raising and special events company based in Huntington, NY. Her volunteer work is varied and extensive, among others she works with Save the Children. Trudy brings to Madaworks her invaluable experience of many years of planning, executing and delivering complex fundraising events, on time and on budget.

  • Eileen Larney
    Eileen Larney Board of Directors

    Eileen is a wildlife ecologist working with a global network at Conservation International that is monitoring how flora and fauna in tropical forests respond to climate and land use change. Previously based in Ranomafana for six years, she served as Head of Operations of Centre ValBio, where she helped develop the women’s handicraft groups as well as expand the conservation education programs with outreach to over 10,000 community members. Eileen is extremely committed to continue to support and empower the girls and women in rural Madagascar through Madaworks.


Madaworks is a coalition of people working towards the goal to effect change in this one corner of Madagascar.

We wish to thank those who have given their time, in kind donations, photography work, logistical assistance and support:

  • Sheehan & Company, CPA, PC
  • Scholarship Committee: Pascal Rabeson, Prisca Andriambinintsoa and Santatranirina Razanakolona.
  • Christine M. Hogan, Esq.
  • The Staff at Centre ValBio & MICET
  • Filipe Amado and Mike Krentzman, Photography & Video
  • Frederick and Margaret L. Weyerhaeuser Foundation
  • Clare and Joe LoCicero
  • Jane Chapey (Age 9 years old)
  • Nina Finley
  • Mar Y Sol
  • Dr. James & Mrs. Liz Watson
  • Franck Rabenahy, Photography