Madaworks in Madagascar: Part 10-Scholarship Recipients Selected

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Madaworks is pleased to announce that two promising young women have succeeded in achieving our scholarship award. The scholarship is a four-year fully paid high school education. Madaworks selected these scholarship recipients from a large pool of applicants. Scholarships are an important part of ensuring that girls will have the opportunity to continue to high school. Ravosolo Paquerette from the middle school (CEG) of Ranomafana and Avotriniaina Louise Sarah from the middle school in Ambalakindresy (CEG) are the candidates and we wish them continued success! Pictured above are members of our scholarship committee and Chef CISCO, who is the superintendent of schools for the region (left to right) Ravosolo Paquerette, Prisca Andriambinintsoa, Chef CISCO and Pascal Rabeson.

Ravosolo Paquerette has the additional distinction that she is one of the girls featured in our video: Avontriniaina Louise Sarah lives in the very remote village of Ambalakindresy, and so I am happy to report that we are reaching into the hardest to reach communities with the promise of education.

In April 2016 we distributed 85 applications to the area middle schools. Our scholarship committee worked very hard to read all of the girl’s essays and applications and select the two most promising candidates. Out of a pool of 43 applications that were returned, these two girls stood out as deserving of our support. Next year we hope to add more! With increased donations this will be possible, so please consider donating to this worthy cause.

In other news, Madaworks has been featured on the Women Deliver website for our work in helping to educate girls in remote, rural Madagascar. Please take a look!

More coming soon!

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