Madaworks is a non-profit organization that was created to change girls’ lives by providing scholarships to allow them to go to secondary school as well as to support women’s sustainable artisan weaving collectives that are based in Madagascar.

We buy handmade scarves and basketry from female artisans and use them for fundraising. As a volunteer organization, all proceeds and donations are used for the Madaworks program.

Madagascar has a long tradition of sustainable weaving and it is revered in their culture. The Famiova collective in Ranomafana, uses silk and cotton in a style of weaving where the colors and patterns are traditionally Malagasy. The Maeva Association, based in Sahovondronina, uses sustainable grasses and natural dyes without exploiting the forest. By embracing the preservation of the artistic Malagasy traditions we enable women to have sustained income so that they can step out of poverty and into financial independence.

After working in Madagascar, we were amazed to see that Dr. Patricia Wright was supporting them by purchasing their stunning creations as gifts for friends. She was also paying for the education of some of the children in the community. The idea came to us that we could use this model as a platform to ensure economic stability of the women and at the same time allow girls to get the education they deserve and desire.